Final Judgment

A casual intense sorting game set in the purgatory between hell and heaven.




Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Windows 10


English, Brazilian Portuguese

Available on:

Final Judgment – Damnation Day

Ever wanted to decide who goes to the Promised Land or straight to the eternal inferno in a casual sorting game? Well, Judgment Day is upon us and you have to take control of Raphael, an archangel in the Purgatory, who is sorting out from an everlasting stream of souls who goes to the heavens or the bottomless pit of the netherworld.

Sounds easy right? Watch out with the intense purification, as angels can only go through the portal of heaven to become a saint and the demons who are sentenced to eternal damnation can only go through the portal of inferno.


– A superb casual style game with an intense and unusual gameplay set in the Purgatory between heaven and hell
– Challenging sorting gameplay in the middle of the judgement day also with simple controls
– Tap to sort the angels and demons through their salvation portals (or burn them!)
– Share your score with friends and unlock superb achievements
– Unlock funny saints and awesome scenarios

How many souls can you save from eternal damnation and guide them to the Promised Land?


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